Art & Culture

Art and culture help to lift our spirits and nurture our souls. Through creative expression we open ourselves up and move ideas to a tangible form. Whether visual and performing art, music, poetry or other art experiences, we seek to expand access to art and culture through Worldly Women of Irvine programs and activities.

Health & Wellness

Health and wellness improve all aspects of our lives. As women, we often put the needs of others first. Through the sharing of knowledge, practical tools and hands on experiences, Worldly Women of Irvine seeks to inspire greater awareness of and attention to matters of health and wellness.

Renewable Nature

At the heart of global thinking is an appreciation for the finite natural resources we must all share. Orange County has abundant natural resources, from our beautiful coastline to our open space reserves. Worldly Women of Irvine encourages respect for our environment through informative programs and outdoor activities.

Mind & Spirit

Life may get heavy,so elevating our mind and spirit, and opening ourselves to greater awareness of the world around us is so important. Worldly Women of Irvine is an arena to learn, share,inspire and engage. We are inclusive and open to a broad array of spiritual ideas and teachings, forms of meditation and self-healing and other paths to enlightenment and balance.
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